Mad March Hare Race Results

Report from Peter Jackson:

Four different clubs were represented amongst the eight assorted Footy skippers who arrived in good order to take part in this years Mad March Hare Event courtesy of the Cotswold MYC. All the boats were checked in the measuring box with close attention being paid to the sail swing clearing the box lip as per the rules. Most of the skippers had a clean run through scrutineering, however  Scott Wallis had some difficulty getting his new plasticard Ranger to fit the box and much to the amusement of the other skippers took a craft knife to it carving it to a perfect fit.
After the minor technical issues had been settled the Race Officer, Ivan Kirk set a simple upwind buoy taken to port with a return through the start as a gate, two times around.

The racing started in the rain with a moderate  but gusty wind blowing from the west, some skippers opted for a B rig, whilst others were more conservative and settled on a C rig.
Hugh McAdoo (87 ) made a very positive start with his ICE, winning the first 7 races, in the morning session putting himself into an almost unassailable position, local skipper David Wilkinson (46) sailing his own design Iambus2 used his local knowledge and excellent sailing ability to be consistantly 2nd. Peter Shepherd (65 ) another ICE skipper was unable to break into the top 2 until race 8 in the morning session when Hugh McAdoo slipped up somewhere and both David Wilkinson and Peter were able to capitalise, Peter Jackson (30) suffered a broken mast to his B rig and so had to battle on with a smaller rig sailing this quite superbly in races 5 & 6 to take second place.
Scott Wallis  (47) was going reasonable well with his untested Plasticard Ranger until he suffered a technical issue with the rudder which eventually forced him to retire that hull, fortunately he had a replacement on hand in the form of “Bakers Dozen” once built & owned by Angus Richardson, considering the age of this hull design it coped extremely well with the difficult conditions.
Nigel Rudd (02 ) is new to Footy racing at a National level and consequently started slowly but as the morning went on got better his ICE being locked into it’s own private battle with the Wice of  fellow Abington Park regular Paul Risdale (53). New to radio sailing Peter Dunne (77) was unable to show his best as he suffered numerous technical issues throughout the day eventually forcing him to retire early.

The wind and the chop on the water picked up in the afternoon session with those skipper who weren’t already on a C rig dropping down in size, Hugh McAdoo continued to impress although he was hampered in his efforts twice which let the two Peters of Abington Park claim a victory each. Perhaps in his quest to find a way to get ahead of Hugh once more, David Wilkinson’s results became slightly more erratic as he changed sails more frequently but by this time was well placed to finish a clear second. Peter Shepherd owed his third place, just ahead of club mate Peter Jackson to consistency, he never finished outside the top four.
Nigel Rudd managed a very respectable 5th place considering his lack of experience at this level, his results continuing to get better throughout the day. Scott Wallis was surprised to finish in 6th considering the technical issues he had. Paul Risdale was firmly rooted in 7th, the conditions getting the better of him, it was probably just one of those days to forget.

Many thanks go to the members of Cotswold Model Yacht Club for hosting the event, and to all the entrants who made the effort to turn out in far from ideal conditions and made a most enjoyable days racing.

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